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An online workshop to help you find new collectors for your work, sell your art online, and make money!


  • Make money online using social media and other platforms
  • Sell and market your work even without a large following
  • Implement our tested practices to find clients and maximize sales

In this workshop, we will help you go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered and guide you to new opportunities, sales, and milestones in your art career.
We will share tips and strategies that helped us break through our own barriers to start selling artwork online and through exhibitions. 
After completing this course, you will learn how to sell your work, find and build relationships with collectors, and get featured by prominent media outlets. You will also learn to market and sell your work using tested social media strategies and mailing lists, even if you don’t yet have a large following.



* Do you have a series of completed artworks that you don’t know how to start promoting and selling?
 * Are you ready to increase your revenue from art sales?
 * Are you confused about how to find collectors?
 * Do you need to figure out how to use Facebook and Instagram to market to prospective clients?
 * Are you spending hours on social media but getting little to no results?


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About Kat and Alicia

Hi! It’s nice to e-meet you. We are Kat and Alicia, the ladies behind Create! Magazine, PxP Contemporary online art gallery, and the Art & Cocktails podcast. We’ve learned a lot about art business over the past decade and want to help you get more out of your art career!

From Kat: 

Not that long ago, I was a confused and anxious art school graduate that wanted to make money from my passion desperately. I decided to do everything it takes to figure out how to start selling my paintings, exhibit, and find collectors. I wanted to be showing at quality galleries and help my work find new homes across the world. 

I spent years experimenting and learning how to successfully get exhibitions, press, sell my work, and get noticed online. 

Through trial and error, as well as investing in mentors, marketing courses, and workshops, I have figured out strategies that helped me get to where I am today: enjoying a spacious studio, regularly selling my art, and represented by an internationally exhibiting gallery. I am here to share what I have learned so far in order to allow you take control of your art career.  


From Alicia:

I started showing and exhibiting my artwork almost feverishly while still in school and by the time I graduated with my BFA, I had been included in over 50 solo and group shows both in the US and abroad. Though I had made sales and gotten interest from press, I was missing a few professional basics that could have saved me a lot of headaches down the line. Learn from my mistakes!

I eventually moved into working for galleries, art fairs, museums, and more, where I focused on marketing, sales, and the administrative side of running a business. This was where I excelled. As I continued to learn and grow through professional development, my skills in social media and sales allowed me to earn more income and close major deals. 

I’m happy to pass along the tactics that have worked for me and that I’ve utilized with other artists, galleries, and in my own business, PxP Contemporary.

Let's do this!

"The Art CEO Workshop is one of the best resources I've ever encountered for emerging artists! I am so grateful for Kat & Alicia for putting this together and helping emerging artists with a path to building a successful art career. Some of my favorite modules included finding the ideal collectors, pricing artwork and getting published in the media (something that a lot of artists starting out don't even think about, but it's super important). I now have an approach I can take and tailor to my own art practice with advice that really works, instead of shooting in the dark and hoping to hit some nebulous target. "

Volta Voloshin-Smith
Illustrator & Animation Artist

"Imagine having someone to mentor and guide you at a time when you feel alone and confused. You create art, you have ideas, you know where you want to be but you just don't know what direction to take first. The ART CEO is just that; It is a condensed, concise and organized answer to most of your questions. I wish I had this when I first started my art journey. Alicia and Kat walk you through step by step processes and lovingly motivate you through each course. Invest in yourself, invest in these ladies and invest in ART CEO especially if you need a support system or an outline on getting yourself organized. I highly recommend it."

Elisa Valenti

"This course offers so many valuable resources for artists, as well as practical steps you can start taking right now, adding value to your art career. I absolutely love every single part and recommended for any artist, who is looking for a fresh new way to improve your business."

Drica Lobo


What you'll learn:


  • How to prepare and organize your inventory so that you are ready to confidently sell to collectors
  • How to price your art 
  • How to set up your online shop for success
  • How and where to find collectors 
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing for art sales
  • Top tips for email marketing
  • Forming and maintaining collector relationships 
  • How to get featured by blogs, magazines, podcasts, and other media outlets



What you'll get:


  • 8+ pre-recorded, easily digestible training modules which you can access anywhere and anytime. Replay links to all the trainings, for you to keep forever and work on at your own pace.
  • 2.5+ total hours of exclusive training material
  • Worksheets and resources included in each module to guide you to the next steps 
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 Who this is for:



  • The artist who is ready to take charge and become the CEO of their art career


  • The artist who has developed a collection of work and wants to learn how to market and sell it to collectors 


  • The artist who is tired of waiting for someone to validate them and is ready to proudly share their work with the world


  • The artist who is ready to meet new collectors and start selling more work directly even if they don’t have a gallery or a large following 


  • The artist who is ready to attract and receive their dream opportunities and media features


  • The artist who is willing to do what it takes to get organized, learn new skills, and elevate their own art career


Who this is not for:



  • The seasoned creative who is already a pro at selling, exhibiting, and promoting their work online


  • Designers, illustrators, and graphic artists looking to elevate their career (This course is tailored for visual fine artists: painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, textile artists, and more are welcome. We encourage creatives looking to sell physical art to take advantage of this course. We love all creatives, but this course is specific to more traditional work based on our own expertise.)


  • Artists who are resistant to learning online marketing techniques and simple social media strategies


I'm sooo ready! Let's do this!

About Your Instructors

Ekaterina Popova is an artist, writer, curator and the founder of Create! Magazine. She has a passion for painting and providing opportunities to artists of all career levels. Since starting the magazine, she has had the pleasure of attending numerous exhibitions and art fairs, interviewing emerging and established artists, and working with leading curators. This experience has helped her to not only achieve more in her art career but also to learn the fundamental traits of many successful creatives. After years of successfully selling her artwork online and in person, Ekaterina wants to help other emerging artists do the same!

Alicia Puig is the CEO and co-founder of PxP Contemporary and Director of Business Operations for Create! Magazine. She has worked in the arts industry for over ten years both in the US and abroad. Her writing has been featured in publications and on blogs including Motivos Magazine, Printeresting, and Empty Easel, among others. Additionally, she has curated projects for Fresh Paint Magazine, Kutztown University’s Student Union Art Gallery, and the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. She specializes in content creation, online sales, and digital marketing for the arts and enjoys connecting with artists to learn about their work and help them find opportunities to advance their careers. 

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